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ET AIR operates mainly in Sub Saharan Africa with several key and high profile projects successfully carried out in the fields of airports, housing and construction, agriculture and agricultural integration, health, industries, Cadastre and GIS.
With Hands-on experience in emerging markets, strong analytical capabilities and a deep understanding of local market dynamics, the company has gained experience and know-how coupled with an understanding of the market conditions across a range of economies.
ET AIR has turnkey solution capabilities in executing projects, including experience in initiating, launching, executing and managing a range of ventures and significant on-the-ground execution resources.

The majority of ET AIR projects is “impact projects” which are projects with social, environmental, economic influences at national, regional and individual levels.
ET AIR impact projects bring progress and benefits to the country, regions and people by Improving standard of living, employment, habitation, infrastructure, transportation, water, sewage system and electricity.

Based on the concept of counter –trade, strong financing capabilities are integral to the ET AIR . The group offers credit lines and arranges pre-finance activities for its clients.
ET AIR impact projects contribute to better education, health, enhanced modern and professional workforce and the creation of local leadership.

Impact projects provide simultaneously tangible improvements in the quality of life of local populations along with social and economical development to the country.

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